Our commitment to our customers is matched by our unwavering commitment to our values, history and benchmark craftsmanship.


You may not have heard of CANVAS Designer Homes just yet, however we’ve been around for quite some time. Over 22 years in fact.

Our beginnings are as part of Impact Group AUS which was founded in 1996 with the vision to become Australia’s leading supplier of residential housing. From our humble beginnings, we have built over 6,500 homes across Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales for individuals, couples and families of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds.

We’ve always understood that you can’t solve today’s problems with yesterday’s solutions, which is why we are proud to introduce you to our latest home solution CANVAS Designer Homes.

Whether it’s discovering ways to keep pioneering in your career, family, hobbies or goals; we have made it our mission to pioneer right alongside you. Providing you with the kind of CANVAS you need to craft an elevated environment that will inspire you to keep growing, keep building and keep pioneering in your own life.

Welcome to CANVAS.


At Canvas Designer Homes, our pursuit is grander than just building your next home, it’s about fusing together Innovation, Craftsmanship & Transparency to create elevated experiences and environments that will inspire you to pioneer again.


[Analysis + Understanding]

Solution Driven

We’ve always understood that you can’t solve today’s problems with yesterday’s solutions, which is why we proudly champion a pioneering culture of always looking into the future to deliver home solutions for our customers that will stand the test of time and trends. We achieve this by keeping our finger on the pulse of societal challenges and market trends; as well as partnering with industry-leading suppliers, tradespeople and manufacturers to deliver to you timeless tangible value.


[Authenticity + Technology]

Experience Driven

We offer all our customers end to end transparency through our innovative home customisation platform INK and our real-time construction tracking portal iHUB. With INK we’ve redefined the process of buying a home through engineering an interactive approach that allows our customers to craft, curate and customise their home with real time quoting via our INK by CANVAS online app. Through iHUB we give you the control and peace of mind you need, allowing you to track the entire progress of your home build as well through personalised online portal; as creating a central portal for you to view, store and download all things related to your home with complete transparency.


[Knowledge + Expertise]

Results Driven

With 22 years of industry experience and solid market knowledge, plus over 6,000 homes built across the eastern seaboard of Australia, you can trust that every part of your CANVAS Designer Home is built with the utmost professionalism and precision.

Our team

Aaron Jambrovic

National Sales Manager
Mobile: 0438 510 621

Utam Lal

Sales Consultant
Mobile: 0418 764 116

Adam Peterson

Sales Consultant
Mobile: 0417 864 970

Robbi Wright

Sales Consultant
0439 847 628

Matthew Teh 

Sales Consultant
Mobile: 0439 745 757

Anu Saxena

Sales Consultant
Mobile: 0447 548 794

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