Canvas Designer Homes takes its obligations under the Privacy Act seriously. This policy is written to ensure that we respect and keep safe all the personal information you may provide to Canvas Designer Homes in any transaction you have with us.



We only collect information from you that is necessary for what we do. For example, we will be asking you for your name, address and personal contact details so that we can ensure that we provide quality service that includes keeping you updated on industry related issues. We may use the information you provide to us to help improve the services we offer and to measure the interest shown in our services. Any information you provide will be used to help us investigate the possibility of selling to you a house and land package, or constructing a home for you.

Canvas Designer Homes undertakes to only collect information by lawful and fair means. This means we will never be unreasonably intrusive. Canvas Designer Homes will provide clients the opportunity to “opt-out” of receiving promotional material either electronically or in hard copy.



Any client who has furnished personal details to Canvas Designer Homes will have the right to seek out the information we hold on them. Canvas Designer Homes undertakes to respond to any member/non-member enquiry regarding what information we hold, how we use it and where or how it is disclosed.



Personal information is collected for the purpose of responding to your web enquiries, sending our promotional material on services, and other functions, employment applications and processing of payments. We may use your personal details to provide tender documents, draft plans, assist with the financing, deal with local government departments and the like if we proceed to construct you a home. We may use your details at a later date to provide further information in connection with our business.

Canvas Designer Homes does not provide any other commercial organisation personal details on any individual. We will not supply any of your personal information to a third party unless authorised by you. We do not sell, rent, loan, trade or lease any personal information. However, in the unlikely event an investigation, a law enforcement agency or other government agency may exercise its legal authority to inspect our records.



Canvas Designer Homes endeavours to ensure that all data collected is accurate and well maintained. All computer access is password controlled and Canvas Designer Homes has a policy to deal with security of information to ensure maximum protection of personal details.



Anyone who has provided personal information to the Canvas Designer Homes may access this information and issue corrections if necessary. Canvas Designer Homes undertakes to ensure that any amendments to information are actioned in a timely and efficient manner. In most cases, you will be asked to verify your identity prior to personal information being disclosed. This ensures that information is only provided to the correct person and that the privacy of others is not undermined. All requests for information will be dealt with in a confidential

manner and requests for access will in no way effect any commercial arrangements that may be in place between yourself, and Canvas Designer Homes.



Wherever practicable, Canvas Designer Homes will allow any individual to seek out and obtain information in a confidential manner and without the need to identify themselves.

What to do if you have a complaint

Our aim is to ensure that we treat all personal information with respect and care. However, should you have a complaint that relates to how we have collected or used the information you have provided on yourself, we would like the opportunity to remedy the problem.

Canvas Designer Homes has a complaints register for this purpose, and all privacy complaints will be dealt with in a timely manner. Should you have a complaint, please address it to the Manager, Canvas Designer Homes, PO Box 340, Underwood, QLD, 4119. In the unlikely event that the matter cannot be resolved between Canvas Designer Homes and an individual, then the matter should be referred to the Office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner.



Canvas Designer Homes stores all data collected in a secure environment. This secure environment is maintained by both internal and external professional IT personnel who take all reasonable security measures to protect personal information from loss, unauthorised access, destruction, misuse, modification or disclosure.

No employee is able to access personal information they do not require for their duties. There are passwords and security access IDs in place to restrict access to confidential and personal information to those who need it perform their duties.

We may store personal information with third party suppliers and service providers located overseas. We take reasonable steps to ensure that the overseas recipients of your personal information do not breach the privacy obligations relating to your personal information




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Other Matters

If any of the Terms and Conditions of Use are invalid or unenforceable or illegal, then that part of the Terms and Conditions of Use will be severed and all other provisions shall remain in full force.

Terms and Conditions of Use have been updated by Canvas on 19 July 2017.



Terms and Conditions


Twenty Privium Homes buyers will receive a new MG3 to park in the garage of their brand-new Privium Home!

The first twenty buyers who sign up for a new Home with Privium Homes between 7 January 2019 and 26 January 2019 will receive an MG 3 Auto Core.

Full Terms and Conditions of the giveaway are below.

  1. Promoter
  • The Privium Homes MG3 Giveaway (Promotion) is conducted by Privium Group Pty Ltd ABN 83 100 923 297 (Promoter).


  • Entry into the Promotion constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of these terms and conditions. Information on how to enter, all entry instructions, advertising material and prize information published by the Promoter form part of these terms and conditions.
  1. Eligibility
  • To be eligible for entry into the Promotion a person must be an “Entrant”. An Entrant is any person who signs all the required documentation (Required Documentation) to purchase a Privium Home (Designated Privium Home) from the Promoter between 9am on 7 January 2019 to 5pm on 26 January 2019. (AEST). (Eligibility Period)


  • In order to participate in the Promotion, an Entrant must be over 18 years of age, an Australian resident and a new customer to Privium Homes. A new customer does not include persons who have had any dealings with Privium Homes, Canvas Designer Homes or Integra Homes, completed a Preliminary Pricing Estimate (PPE) with Privium Homes, Canvas Designer Homes or Integra Homes, paid Privium Homes, Canvas Designer Homes or Integra Homes a fee and/or deposit for a tender and/or site assessment or previously entered into a tender or contract with Privium Homes, Canvas Designer Homes or Integra Homes.


  • Required Documentation:


  • Signed building contract;
  • Valid and complete contract for sale of land; and
  • Other related documentation as required by Privium in order to give effect to a valid build contract.


  • A Entrant must own a vacant block of land, or sign an agreement with Privium Homes to acquire a block of land on their behalf, that is registered and able to be constructed upon or if a Entrant has purchased a vacant block of land that is unregistered, the unregistered block of land must be registered within 12 months of the Entrant entering into a tender with Privium Homes for the construction of a Privium Homes master designed residential dwelling (Residential Dwelling Tender) to be eligible for the Promotion. An Entrant must make payment of the required Privium Homes deposit of $1,500.00, representing the fee for drafting of the Residential Dwelling Tender (Tender Deposit), within the Promotional Period to be eligible for the Promotion.


  • The Promotion is not available to Entrants who enter into a tender with Privium Homes for the construction of a Land and House Package or for the construction of a custom designed residential dwelling who are eligible for, or who have already been afforded, under the Entrant’s PPE, a promotion or discount by Privium Homes, including any staff discounts.


  • Entrant must also enter into a Queensland or Victorian Residential Building Contract for New Dwellings with Privium Homes (Building Contract), pursuant to Privium Homes’ new base prices as of 20 December 2018 and make payment of the Tender Deposit within the Eligibility Period pursuant to the Building Contract in order to be eligible for the Promotion.


  • A Building Contract entered into for the construction of a residential duplex or residential dwelling that includes a granny flat are deemed to be a single purchase and such Entrant will only be eligible for 1 entry into the Promotion and will entitle them to 1 prize should they meet the Terms and Conditions herein.


  • A Building Contract entered into by 2 or more persons are deemed to be a single purchase and such Entrants will only be eligible for 1 entry into the Promotion and will entitle them to 1 prize should they meet the Terms and Conditions herein.


  • An Entrant shall not be eligible for the Promotion unless Privium Homes have commenced and completed construction and the Entrant has made payment/s of all claims pursuant to the Building Contract. An Entrant shall not be eligible for the Promotion unless the Entrant has completed the Building Contract.


  • An Entrant shall not be eligible for the Promotion unless they have done all things and signed all necessary documents to give effect to the Residential Dwelling Tender and Building Contract. Time shall be of the essence in this regard.
  1. Prize
  • The Entrant or elected eligible customer (applicable where the Building Contract has been entered into by 2 or more persons) shall receive a new MG Auto Core motor vehicle in white, or any other standard colour with automatic transmission (Prize).


  • The retail recommended price or value of the Prize is accurate as at the commencement of the Promotional Period. Privium Homes accepts no responsibility for any variation in the value of the Prize after the commencement of the Promotional Period.


  • The Prize includes the first 12 month’s registration in the state of Victoria or Queensland, stamp duty, dealership charges and statutory charges. The Prize does not include compulsory third-party insurance.


  • The Entrant is responsible for all costs associated with the Prize, including but not limited to obtaining insurance/s, operational costs, fuel, personal costs and any other incidental costs related to the Prize, its collection, storage, transport, all ancillary costs, accessories or anything else not specifically mentioned.


  • Details regarding the collection and/or delivery of the Prize will be made available for the Entrant upon completion of the Building Contract.


  • No compensation is payable to the Entrant if they are unable to collect their Prize.


  • The Entrant shall be the registered owner of the Prize as at the date of collection or delivery of the Prize.


  • If the Entrant is, through any legal incapacity or otherwise, unable to register the vehicle in their name then they may assign the Prize to another person (who consents to such assignment) with legal capacity for the purpose of registration. Privium Homes takes no responsibility for any such arrangement between the eligible customer and assignee. The eligible customer must provide Privium Homes with certified copies of all required documentation as required by Privium Homes before the Prize is transferred.


  • The Prize’s odometer may feature some minor kilometres prior to being transferred to the eligible customer.


  • The Prize must be taken as offered and cannot be varied. If the Entrant wishes to vary the Prize, it shall make its own arrangements with the motor vehicle dealer provided that Privium Homes will not incur any expense for such variation/s and provided that it shall not delay the handover of the Prize.
  1. Handover and Completion
  • The Prize will be handed over within 28 days of the Draw Date, which shall be deemed to be the date of practical completion of the Designated Privium Home.


  • It is intended for the prize to be handed over at the address of the Designated Privium Home.


Annexure A- Victoria

Victorian Regulations: Trade Promotion Lottery Conditions

The conditions for the conduct of trade promotion lotteries are as follows:

  • The expense per entry must not exceed the gazetted amount (currently $1)
  • It must not be a precondition for entry that an entrant has played a gaming machine, or participated in a loyalty scheme that requires an entrant to play a gaming machine
  • Written consent must be obtained from the person whose trade or business is to be promoted by the lottery
  • The lottery must be conducted to benefit primarily the trade or business being promoted
  • Information used to promote the lottery and any scratch and win cards must include:
    1. the closing date of the lottery
    2. if applicable, where and when the lottery will be drawn
    3. the name and date of the publication in which winners’ names will be published
    4. the entry requirements, if any.
  • The names of winners of all prizes over $1000 must be published by one of the following methods:


    1. in a newspaper circulating generally in Victoria
    2. on the internet, for a minimum period of 28 days
    3. if the lottery was advertised solely through a trade journal, promotional magazine or similar publication, in that publication.
  • The winners of prizes must be advised in writing of the prize
  • Certain records must be kept for a period of three years after finalisation of the lottery
  • If the trade promotion lottery is to be drawn, the method of the draw must allow each ticket in the draw a random and equal chance of being drawn
  • The winner of a prize must not incur a cost to accept a prize (other than a trivial cost)
  • If information about entrants is to be used for a purpose other than the conduct of the lottery, this must be stated in the conditions of entry
  • A person who conducts a trade promotion must not use entrants’ information except in accordance with the purposes stated in the condition of entry
  • A person who conducts a trade promotion lottery must obtain written agreement from the business, that the business will not use the entrants’ information except in accordance with the purposes stated in the conditions of entry
  • An entrant is not required to be present at the drawing of the lottery to be eligible to win a prize (unless the entry and draw are to occur on the same day and in the same place)
  • The prize must be paid or transferred to the winner within 28 days after the draw.
  • The winner of a prize may only be substituted via a second draw, and only if the conditions of entry allow it and if reasonable efforts were made to identify the winner that were unsuccessful
  • If a trade promotion lottery is conducted with scratch and win cards, the conditions of entry must disclose the maximum number of scratch and win cards to be distributed and the total number and individual value of the prizes. There must also be a condition that printing errors and other quality control matters are not to be used as a reason for refusing payment of prizes
  • A trade promotion lottery must be conducted in a manner that is not offensive and that is not contrary to the public interest
  • A prize may only be substituted if the substituted prize is of the same or greater value than the original prize and the winner either agrees in writing, or the original prize is unavailable due to circumstances beyond the control of the person conducting the trade promotion lottery and reasonable attempts are made to reach agreement with the winner that are unsuccessful.


Annexure B- Queensland


Guide to category 4 promotional games – Queensland


Introduction to promotional games


The Charitable and Non-Profit Gaming Act 1999 outlines the parameters around category 4 games, commonly known as promotional games.


A promotional game can be conducted by anyone, without a licence or permit, for the benefit of promoting goods or services.


Entry into a promotional game must be free and the winner must be decided entirely or partly by chance.


Terms and conditions of promotional games


Prizes that are prohibited in a promotional game are:

  • tobacco product/s
  • surgery
  • a weapon or ammunition
  • any other item by which the sale or acquisition is restricted by legislation of the State or Commonwealth
  • a ticket or other chance in a game that is not approved under a gaming act.


General gaming records must be kept for five years unless a shorter period has been approved by the chief executive.


Participation by Minors


A minor cannot enter a promotional game if the prize includes alcohol or a gaming product. The definition of a gaming product is outlined under Section 110 of the Charitable and Non-Profit Gaming Act 1999.


Advertising and entering a promotional game


The advertisement of a promotional game must include the cost of the phone call to enter the promotional game.


The cost to enter the game can be no more than the price of the standard local postage stamp used to post the entry forms or a telephone call of more than 55 cents. The cost charged by the telephone service provider must not be more than the prevailing rate for the service.


The person conducting the promotional game, must not, directly or indirectly, receive all or part of the amount contributed towards the entry cost.

In the instance that the player is required to buy goods or services to be eligible to enter the promotional game the costs of the goods or services must be no more than its market value.

The terms and conditions must also be readily available, complied with, and include:

  • the name of the person conducting it
  • eligibility requirements for players
  • a description and the retail value of each of the prizes
  • the closing and drawing dates
  • the order in which prizes will be drawn (if not drawn in descending order of value)
  • how prize winners will be notified
  • whether results will be published and, if so, the way in which they will be published
  • whether the prize will jackpot or be redrawn if the winning player is not present and
  • whether the game involves a round in which players are eliminated.



Each player must have a fair and equal chance of winning the major prize in the game. This is subject to whether or not the player had to use their knowledge, skills or judgement to enter When more than one prize is being offered the major prize must be drawn first and other prizes drawn in descending order of number and value. This does not apply if an alternative order of drawing is outlined when the game is entered.

A promotional game must be drawn on the day or within one year of the day it starts, and the draw date must be stated in the terms and conditions of the game.

Elimination of Players

The terms and conditions of a promotional game can only allow for one round of elimination.

 Delivery, Substitution and Unclaimed Prizes

The prize/s of a promotional game must be delivered within a month of when the winner was decided.

This does not apply if the winner agrees, in writing, that it can be delivered more than a month later or after making all reasonable efforts, the person conducting the promotional game cannot locate the prize winner.

Another prize may be substituted for the prize offered only if the person conducting the game agrees in writing that this can happen and if the substituted prize is similar to, and of the same or greater value, than the original.

A person conducting a promotional game must make every reasonable effort to locate the prize winner for the game and deliver the prizes to the winners.

If not claimed, a prize must be kept for three months from the day the winner is decided. This however, does not apply, if the conditions allow the re-drawing of winners for unclaimed prizes or the jackpotting of unclaimed prizes.  If the prize is not claimed within three months, a re- draw must occur.